Emergi-Cash Rewards Legality

Accumulating Reward Points - Customer reward cards will be issued with 500 initial rewards points at the time the rewards card is issued. Reward points issued to customer’s rewards card equate to a corresponding calculation based on the amount of fees paid during each transaction unless the customer in in default, defined as in excess of 14 days passed the original due date. Each dollar ($1) paid in fees x 1 = point value. Bonus points may be awarded to customers that pay “On Time”. When payments are received on or before the contract maturity date "On Time" each dollar ($1) fees paid x 1 + 2 = point value (i.e. $1 paid on time will = 3 points).


Any customer who refers a customer may be awarded 200 additional bonus reward points which will be added to their card on the next "On Time" payment transaction (Referred customer must qualify and receive an advance of at least $200 or more in order to qualify).


Every 1000 points may be converted into a redeemable $20.00 cash value toward any advance currently outstanding at any Emergi-Cash location. Points greater 1000 will be retained on the rewards card as reward points for future/additional accumulation. Points may only be redeemed in increments of 1,000.


Special bonus periods will be announced from time to time where customers may receive additional points for transactions above the standard bonus structure including but not limited to double point periods. Opt-in to text messaging and regularly update your phone number to ensure you receive timely notifications of additional bonus point contests or times.


Redeeming Cash Value – Reward cards that have acquired a positive cash value balance can use that cash value at the cardholder’s discretion towards their outstanding balance with Emergi-Cash (points may be redeemed only in increments of 1000).


Only cash values posted on a customer’s rewards card at the time of a transaction may be used towards an outstanding balance with Emergi-Cash. Customer must be present to redeem reward card’s cash value. Cash values can only be redeemed by the cardholder. Cash values are only valid at Emergi-Cash. Collection customers are subject to rewards card cancellation; including but not limited to customers with payment plans, insufficient funds, bankruptcies and garnishments that have accrued through business with Emergi-Cash. Cardholders that encounter card cancellation are subject to a forfeiture of all accumulated rewards card balances. Re-activation of cancelled reward cards are subject to review.


Checking Card Balances: Card balances can be checked by an associate at any Emergi-Cash location or customers can use the Balance Checker located on the Emergi-Cash website at their discretion. The Balance Checker can be found at www.emergi-cash.com/rewards. Balance Checker and/or website may or may not be up at certain times.


Sample Account Balance

Cash Value Reward Points Lifetime Points
$20.00 331.00 1331.00

1000 points auto-convert to cash value. Remaining point are

retained on customers card for future accumulation.

See Sample Account Balance for break down.


Emergi-Cash reserves the right to change/modify its loyalty/rewards program at any time and at its own discretion up to and including discontinuation of the program at any time for any reason. Fees associated with the account may not be accumulated for certain fees owed and paid by customer.  Returned check fees will not count toward point awards. Card holder must be present to use rewards. Available cash value is only good at Emergi-Cash.