3 Flexible Payment  Schedules



It’s Time for Your Title Loan to Disappear!

Title loans are a viable source for consumers to use that just can’t go to the bank and borrow money. Being a secured loan, they are quick and simple to apply for, with most being approved within minutes and not days. With no credit check required, your vehicle is your loan collateral.


The Disappearing Title Loan promotion was created to provide the best deal on a title loan, anywhere in the industry. With three different payment plans and three different rates to choose from, you’ll know exactly when you’ll get your title back.

Each plan is simple; make the required number of payments based on the plan you’ve chosen and we’ll give you back your title. No tricks, no gimmicks, just a straight forward plan.


Never before has any other title loan company offered to credit back the entire principle amount of the loan, until now!

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What is the “Disappearing Title Loan” Program?
An industry first, designed and created by Emergi-Cash just for our customers. The program is a title loan promotion that limits the total number of payments you’ll make on your title loan.


How does the “Disappearing Title Loan” work?
Your title loan will disappear once the required numbers of payments have been made and your title will be returned to you with a full loan release.


What are the 3 program levels?
You choose the program level best for you:
Level 1 ● 12 interest payments at 24.99%
Level 2 ● 24 interest payments at 14.99%
Level 3 ● 36 interest payments at 9.99%
*Payments based on the total principal balance due


What if I have a title loan at another  title loan company?
Emergi-Cash may be able to buy out your title loan from another company and start you on a Disappearing Title Loan in the same day.


What if I can’t make a payment on time?
Emergi-Cash always tries to assist our customers whenever possible. Just call to see how we can help. If your loan doesn’t go into default, you may be able to continue the program.
*All Fees still apply


Can I pay on the principal?
Yes! We adjust the amount of interest to reflect the principal balance, or you can satisfy the loan in full at any time with no penalties.


Can I switch my title loan to a “Disappearing Title Loan”?
Yes! If you currently have a title loan with Emergi-Cash, ask one of our employees about transferring your loan to this program.


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Disclaimer: A single title loan is for a 30 day period. However, borrowers often use these loans over a period of months, which can be expensive. Title loans are not recommended as long-term financial solutions.


* “The Disappearing Title Loan” does not alter, manipulate or make any change to a title loan as defined by the Alabama State Banking Department.  The “Disappearing Title Loan” is a promotion and should not be construed as a contractual obligation on the part of Emergi-Cash or the customer. Emergi-Cash reserves the right to alter, change, or discontinue the promotion at any time. If the promotion is discontinued anyone who is currently enrolled and continues to remain current will be allowed to complete the promotion under its original terms. See store for details.