Consumer Complaints

FAQ’s about Emergi-Cash Consumer Complaints

What is a consumer complaint?

A consumer complaint is a reported problem, concern, issue or fear that a customer or general consumer brings to the attention of the company through one of many avenues of reporting to make the company aware.


Who can submit a Consumer Complaint?

Anyone can submit a Consumer Complaint; any person who has a concern regarding the company, an employee, an action taken or not taken by the company or an employee of the company that they would like to report.


By what means can a Consumer Complaint be started, reported or generated?

There are multiple ways a consumer can initiate a Consumer Complaint; there is a toll-free number, an email link and the company’s corporate address listed here on the website. A verbal complaint can be started in any store with a store manager. The store manager is responsible to document the complaint, provide the consumer with a copy of the written complaint and sending the complaint on to the corporate office.


Webpage URL:
Toll-Free complaint line:888-654-2274
Corporate Address:


4240 Carmichael Road

Montgomery, AL 36106

 What is the Time Frame of Response to each Consumer Complaint?


  • Each Consumer Complaint will be responded to within 48 hours of receipt of the complaint. - A member of the corporate office will reply to the complaint in the same manner by which it was received, unless otherwise indicated in the complaint, to acknowledge the complaint was received and that it has been sent to the appropriate management member for immediate review.  

  • The company expects its members of management to have a complaint solution implemented within 72 hours of receipt of each complaint. - Management members are to address each complaint with the highest priority. The management member that the complaint was assigned to must reply to the complaint in writing as to what actions where taken to correct the issue and what steps have been implemented to make sure that the issue doesn’t get repeated in the future.


Who is responsible for addressing Consumer Complaints?

Each Consumer Complaint will be addressed to the appropriate management member by the corporate office. A copy of each complaint will be sent to the company’s compliance office and a member of senior management for follow up and review of the solution implemented to address the complaint and any additional actions that may have needed to be taken to correct any field issues or consumer concerns.


Who is responsible for the Consumer Complaint Response?

The management member to whom the Consumer Complaint was assigned is responsible for reporting back to the  corporate office with their complaint response and proposed course of action.


Who determines the appropriate Course of Action to take in response to a Consumer Complaint?

Each proposed course of action will be reviewed by the company’s compliance officer and the corporate office to ensure the correct steps are taken in response to the Consumer Complaint.


How is each Response to be conveyed back to the Consumer that generated the initial Consumer Complaint?

Once an appropriate Course of Action has been established and implemented in the field, a member of the corporate office will respond back to the Consumer that filed the complaint to notify them of the company’s Course of Action taken in response to their Complaint.


If you would like to file a Consumer Complaint call us Toll-Free at:  888-654-2274


Or complete the online Consumer Complaint Form below.

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